During the lockdown and pandemic, you can practice with me on my Youtube, on moviing.co or on my Instagram in live stream classes.

Live stream yoga classes schedule:

Tuesday 31.3.2020 17:00 – reminder – free – with Angelina Stolz

Friday 3.4.2020 16:30 – reminder – free (optional donation here, or sign up through MyClubs)

Sunday 5.4.2020 17:00 – reminder – watch here supportyourlocals.at (support the studio The Wyld Thing if you can!)

Practice with me anywhere

Practice with me and other amazing teachers online on moviing.co and use my code “LENKA25” to get 25% off the monthly subscription and to support me as a teacher. First 10 days are free!

I’ve created six classes to start your handstand journey. But they can be easily practiced even without having handstand as a goal,)

Classes in Vienna

Just a Yoga Class by @zgung, 1070:

Practice with me in 1070 Vienna: www.justayogaclass.com! These are my own classes in a rented space, open for all levels.

Class length 60 minutes.

The Wyld Thing – Yoga Studio, 1090

From January 2020, you can take classes with me at a new studio in Vienna’s 9th district The Wyld Thing.

I will teach a special 75 minutes class, where we will focus on a certain topic each time – i.e. handstand, backbends, hip opening etc. It’s almost like a mini workshop, so be ready to learn new stuff, discover your body and go deeper than ever,)

Class length 75 minutes.

Phoenixlifestyle Studio – 1190:

Semester yoga course in the 19th District of Vienna. Contact Jelena the studio owner at studio@phoenixlifestyle.at for more info!

Schedule: Monday 19:00, Wednesday 9:00.

Class length 75 minutes.

Private Classes:

I offer private classes in Vienna (beginners and intermediate) at the comfort of your home. The price for one private 60 minutes class is 90 €. Please, contact me here for more info.