Practice with me anywhere

Practice with me and other amazing teachers online on moviing.co and use my code “LENKA25” to get 25% off the monthly subscription and to support me as a teacher. First 10 days are free!

I’ve created six classes to start your handstand journey. But they can be easily practiced even without having handstand as a goal,)

Classes in Vienna

Just a Yoga Class by @zgung, 1070:

Practice with me in 1070 Vienna: www.justayogaclass.com! These are my open classes for all levels.

Schedule: Wednesday 18:15, Friday 16:30.

Class length 60 minutes.

The Wyld Thing – Yoga Studio, 1090

From January 2020, you can take classes with me at a new studio in Vienna’s 9th district The Wyld Thing.

I will teach a special 75 minutes class, where we will focus on a certain topic each time – i.e. handstand, backbends, hip opening etc. It’s almost like a mini workshop, so be ready to learn new stuff, discover your body and go deeper than ever,)

My schedule: from February Thursday 18:15.

Class length 75 minutes.

Phoenixlifestyle Studio – 1190:

Semester yoga course in the 19th District of Vienna. Contact Jelena the studio owner at studio@phoenixlifestyle.at for more info!

Schedule: Monday 19:00, Wednesday 9:00.

Class length 75 minutes.

Private Classes:

I offer private classes in Vienna (beginners and intermediate) at the comfort of your home. The price for one private 60 minutes class is 90 €. Please, contact me here for more info.